As I stepped on the dirty mud, the playground came alive with tears. Taking me away to the time we swung… now swings my eys! i walk towards this hazy figure in front of me..can it be true..?

Is it really what I think it is?  No!  It can’t be!  It happened years ago.  I remember that night.  It was nice to begin with, but ended up being the worst of my life.  She and I had done nothing more than stare at each other from our windows.  A formal smile is all we would give each other when we saw each other in the market-place.  I was crazy about her, just as she was about me, but we both had no guts to say so.

She always looked so sad and unhappy with life.  Her step-father used to hit her almost every night.  Sometimes she would take it all upon herself when he was hitting her Mother.  I pitied her, but could do nothing more than that.

That seemed like a strange night.  It was raining so heavily.  I was back from a Trekking trip with some of the guys.  I enjoy walking, so was walking back in the cold rain.  I heard a noise somewhere ahead.  It was coming from near the swings at the playground.  I moved in that direction.  It was her.  She was sitting on the wet ground and crying.  Her head was bleeding.  I sat beside her and asked her what was wrong.  No shyness or nervousness.  I was far too concerned about her.  She looked at me first.  Surprised and then seemed happy to know that I was there.  But she quietly kept crying.  I boldly held her hand and helped her get up.  Then wiped the blood from her head with my handkerchief and said, “Listen.  I know what’s wrong and what happened.  I really pity you and wish I could do something for you.”  She looked back at me.  The crying had stopped, but the tears continued.  She smiled at me as though she wanted to thank me.  I walked her back home in the rain.  We spoke finally!  When we reached outside her gate, I gently pushed her hair over her head and said, “Take care.”  She silently walked away from me.  Then, when she was about to get into her house, she looked at me and blew an Air Kiss and then sped away.

It had happened.  I was finally in love!

Later that night, I heard lots of noises and sirens all over, but too lazy to wake up, I continued sleeping.  The next morning, I rushed to the window to see my new found love, but she wasn’t there.  I went out to see her in the market-place, but she wasn’t there.  It wasn’t until afternoon that I realised that she was killed by her step-father last night.

I left the town the very next day.  I couldn’t live in the same place, thinking about her. 

Years have passed since I had moved.  Now that I was back for a few days, the first place I went to was the playground.  The place where as kids we would swing.  The place where I finally met her.

And now I see it.  That hazy figure staring at me.  Could it be her?  Is it true?  OUCH!  Someone struck me.  My head hurts.  I don’t know what is happening.  As darkness is taking over me.  I can see her.. I can see both of them.  I can see her and her step-father.  Both of them hazy figures.  Both of them fighting over me.

My life now depends on the outcome of this battle.. I wish I could see who survives. I cannot.. darkness.. darkness…..