Haunted House

Haunted House

Storms robbed me of my path.
Even the moon and stars shied away.
And I could see nothing that dark-dark night.
The rain soaked me to the bone.
My feet were a weary couple.

Sudden lightning showed me shelter.
Where I was welcomed by its only resident.
As I rejoiced in the warmth of the fire-place,
he brought me a glass of red Wine.
It smelt weird and tasted strange.
But I relished it never the less.

To my shock my host uncovered a dead-body.
Badly slashed and wounded.
I screamed in horror and tried to run.
He laughed aloud while I slipped and fell.
I fell on the same red Wine.
The red Wine was dripping from the dead-body.

Varun Rajagopalan.