I am Mr. Someone.
I have a palatial house.
I have a large screen Television.
My computer has a wireless mouse.

My kitchen is laden with groceries.
All ready to be cooked in my expensive range.
My Bar is stocked with the choiciest liquor.
My library with books, in languages that are strange.

I have a classy bath-room.
I use an expensive soap.
Of me running out of water,
excuse me, there is no hope.

My clothes are tailored by the fashion-gurus.
My footwear by the very best.
My Cuff-links are doused in gold.
Need I say the rest?

But when I walk around my house.
I only find my shadow.
I look for another being in there.
I look high. I look low.

I find no one each time I search.
And yet I search again.
A futile search I must concede.
Finds me only pain.

And so I settle as usual,
to praise my princely state.
To repent and regret my loneliness,
I am afraid, it is too late.

Varun Rajagopalan.