“So, what plans?”
“What do you mean what plans?”
“It’s a straightforward question man!”
“Well, I plan to not kill someone.”
“What? Kill someone?”
“You heard me!”

“Are you crazy or what?”
“Why? What makes you say so?”
“I don’t know. They say you’re crazy if you talk like this.”
“Who is this they you are talking about?”
“I don’t know. They!”
“Who they? Who according to you are they?”
“I don’t know. Cops maybe.”

“You must be crazy. Cops cannot be they!”
“Then who is?”
“Right! We don’t know who they are and yet we talk!”
“Hmmm. Ok, who were you planning to kill?”
“You. But I’ve changed my mind.”
“Me? – gasp – why?!”

“Relax. I won’t. Told you I’m planning not to.”
“Ok. But why me?”
“They told me to.”
“They? Who?… Forget it. And why not now?”
“Again. They told me not to.”

“Arrgh! Man get a grip. You are…”
“Hello. Yes. I am. Oh! Fine. I’ll collect cash before New Year.”
“Who was that?”
“What the… Ok. What did they say?”
“Changed their mind. They want you dead.”
“What? Oh man… you’re just…”
“Sorry man.”


Varun Rajagopalan