Cure for loneliness

“Well! It’s Mr. Lonely!”
“Hello… Hello…”
“Welcome! We weren’t expecting you.”
“Err… Yes. I just made up my mind.”
“Good! Have a seat. Did you find the place easily?”
“Yes. Asked a couple of people – they guided me.”
“Good! It’s very cold. Would you like some soup?”
“Umm. Sure!”
“Come on love! He’d prefer something better.”
“Aah! Dumb of me. Some dark Rum?”
“Yes please!”
“With warm water?”
“A little slab of butter?”
“Ummm! Much better!”
“And a sprinkle of pepper.”
“You are a dream!”
“Haha! He’s craving for it, love. Bring it on.”

“Here you go!”
“Thank you!”
“So? How’s it?”
“Just as I imagined. Heavenly.”
“What’ll you have honey?”
“Nothing. I’d rather watch Mr. Lonely enjoy.”
“That was just great. I’m dizzy already!”
“Another one?”
“Would love it.”

“Here, Mr. Lonely. Drink away your loneliness!”
“Honey! It’s taking too much time.”
“Time for… erk…”
“Well! Better late than never.”
“Aargh… Bleeargh… Hal..”
“I added one tiny ingredient, Mr. Lonely”
“Fast love. He’ll lose his hearing in a few seconds.”
“Ok! Well, added a teeny-tiny pinch of Cyanide.”
“My wife is amazing. Cured your loneliness ehh, Mr. Lonely?”

Varun Rajagopalan.