Thinking to myself

I’m thinking… to myself. These thoughts will dwell within the realms of my mind. Wow! Look at those two words – dwell and realms. Smart ehh?

“Potent vocabulary,” she said. “Only to make you proud of me,” I thought to myself. “You write decent stuff,” she said. “Just so that you’d feel proud of me,” I thought to myself.

Sometime I wish I wouldn’t think so much. This brain is crazy. My brain especially. It creates and manufactures amazing things. Things which one realises are just castles in the air.

I’m ruth-less today. I’m left with my thoughts. So many of them. And all known only to myself. Even those reading this Blog (which reflects my mind to a certain extent) won’t know.

The past is perfect. Well, maybe not the entire past, but it’s is perfect.

The future is tense. And it’s hardly orange.

Varun Rajagopalan