Mr. Vrrrr

Mr. Vrrrr dresses well.
Mr. Vrrrr smells swell.
Mr. Vrrrr has phlegm.
Vehicles’ smoke; two of them!

Mr. Vrrrr browses at will.
He doesn’t mind any bill.
Mr. Vrrrr carries a memory stick.
Storage increases, bit-by-bit.

Mr. Vrrrr has every soap.
Even tried the occasional dope!
Mr. Vrrrr doesn’t, but can watch four Televisions!
Weird theories don’t require credence!

Mr. Vrrrr swings to song.
Motor or by foot, no distance too long.
Mr. Vrrrr has work.
Rest assured, he won’t shirk.

Noticed something?
A fact that’s glaring!

Like a diamond, he may have shone.
Mr. Vrrrr is so alone.

Varun Rajagopalan.