You’ve joined the club

Party time! Enjoy the rhyme.
Didn’t do no crime.
Yet, why the time?
Now, I’m a mime.

Blooming – in my prime.
Drowning – helplessness is slime.
Listening to ‘Pity for a dime’.
Abstaining from wine. A poor alternative – lime.

Static – no sound from my wind-chime.

Fake smile. Fake laugh. Fake sense of joy.

For real, I’m shivering. Jittery.
Scared. Quite literally.

Awful stench. Sitting on a bench.
Reach in. Turn it around.
With a damn Monkey-wrench.
Release. Clench. Release. Clench.

I fear – you’ve joined the club.

Varun Rajagopalan.