I’m looking down

“I am looking down; reflecting on all of my mistakes” sang Scott Stapp of the now disbanded Creed. But realistically speaking why look down? Ok so you made mistakes, but why not look forward to a life when you know what you should not do. A path that you’ve traversed already and now know what turn not to take and if you are compelled to take it, you know what to expect out of it.

But then before one shoots down Creed’s line, people have different ways of dealing with mistakes. While some may look down, they might actually (in mind, not physically) be looking up. Thinking, “Aah! That wasn’t right. But anyways, now I know!” Some come down heavier on themselves than they should. Look, your mistakes are your mistakes. What are you going to do? Kick you own backside? Don’t berate yourself. The rest of the world does that anyways. Talk yourself up. You are going to feel miserable anyways, so why do you want to add to that? Accept you made a mistake and then let the rest of the world just move their lips – obliterate the noises. Works.

You are a hero / heroine. Remember that whether you’ve earned love from other people is subjective. Depends on lots of factors. For people to love you or like you, you have to be lovable or likeable. Irrespective of getting love from others, you can rest assured that there’s one person who will love you unconditionally and that is yourself. So don’t look down upon yourself. Appreciate yourself. Tell yourself just what an amazing human you are and yes, the mistakes. Those were the result of you being human. You have the right to be wrong. So you used that up.

Reflect. Realise. And now’s your chance to redeem. Go see a doctor about that tooth that’s got cavity. Go see that hairdresser about those purple streaks. Go buy a plant and place it by your window. Go buy that He-man / Barbie doll and place it on your dressing table.

Remember, you don’t wanna end up like that guy in ‘Citizen Kane’ and die thinking about “Rosebud”.

Varun Rajagopalan.