“Dude! You’re getting your salary, right?”
“Yes. A couple of days late, but yes.”
“I haven’t been paid for three months now. The downside of working for a small company.”

“Your phone has 1gb memory, right?”
“Yeah. And camera, Bluetooth and…”
“Well… I have a phone that can only make and receive calls and SMSes.”

“Your office is close to your house. You can actually walk down, right?”
“Yep! Sometimes I do!”
“Mine’s so far, I spend like 200 bucks a day on gas.”

“Dude! You have it easy and you say you aren’t happy? Ridiculous.”
“May seem so to you. But tell me – how can I be happy if the best part of my life are just memories?”

Varun Rajagopalan.