Random ramblings: Decisions

You know (weird that I’m starting a post with those words – I normally don’t), what’s weird (uh oh, there’s that word again)? How we make decisions and then falter to follow them. And I’m not talking about them smoking and drinking. Those are way more superficial. You cannot ‘forget’ that you’ve decided not to drink or smoke.

What you do forget – sometimes out of convenience and sometimes you just forget – are things like I will be rude, or I will nicer, or I will be indifferent, or I will be good, or bad, or play dumb, or be monosyllabic, or be verbose, or talk less, or more, or dammit not talk at all. Sounds familar? How many time have we made up our minds to do all of the above (very official eh!?)? And how many times we just fail to remember them.

This time I’ve had it! Enough is bloody enough and its time for a bloody freaking change (in a mood to cuss, are we!?). This time I decide that all my decisions are meant to be followed. And that’s the best decision I’ve made… ever.

Varun Rajagopalan.