I’m a mime

Cumbersome and tacky.
Cobain-ish and whacky.
Elvis-like modulator.
Dickinson-ish communicator.

Gilmour and Waters in creativity.
Healy in anonimity
Kiedis-ish in attitude.
Dude of the brood.

Don’t sigh. Live dry.
What’s my?
Sorry, mine. Flu inducing swine!

Twisted? Cryptic?
I don’t lie.

Figure out if you must;
not if you can.
Because, you can.
Only you can.

Anthem of roses.
Mysterious poet of proses.
Chaotic intermittently.
I acted unwittingly.

Doesn’t rhyme?
Don’t care.

I’m a mime.
Now, where art thou, wine?

Hah! The only that’s left of mine.

Varun Rajagopalan.