Why so serious?

“Why so serious?”
“Am I?”
“I hate a question in response to a question!”
“No… I mean… Am I really?”
“Yes, else I wouldn’t have asked.”
“Ummm… No. I… Err…”
“Yes… Yes?”
“No. I don’t know. I’m… I’m err… ok.”
“Look! You’re not. And I can tell. If you don’t wanna tell just say so.”
“Ok… ok… Fine. Yes. Yeah I am serious. I’m not happy.”
“Well, you see think about the most fragile form of glass. It’s sharp and a hundred and ten percent breakable.”
“I like where this is going… ok… and?”
“Yeah. Glass. Fragile, breakable and bloody sharp.”
“You said that. Please continue.”
“Yeah. Now, imagine your heart being made of that.”
“And it’s now shattered to pieces.”
“And those tiny pieces are piercing me. I’m bleeding and hurting. And no medicine will help.”
“Err. Hmm.”
“Kinda hard not to be serious when it hurts that much.”

“Silence is golden…? Nobody needs to tell you that. Not even your father.”

Varun Rajagopalan.