The King and I

“So the quest has begun your highness,” I quipped.
“Maybe.” The King replied.
“I beg to differ my dear friend. The quest is over.” Said a minister.
The king remained silent. Stone-faced, he didn’t even smile. Just looked at us.
“What does the prospective queen think of your kingdom, your highness?”
“Well, she doesn’t talk about that… as yet. I’m still trying to be sweet to her.”
“Sweet?” the minister blurted out, “Haah! That’s a herculean effort, I should say!”

The king’s face turned grumpy. He looked focussed.
And then he smiled. The minister heaved a sigh of relief. I laughed.

I continued, “So, your highness… does the prospective queen appeal to you in more ways than one.”
“I don’t understand your question fully, but I know where you come from, so yes, she does. In more ways than one.”
“Splendid your highness! So this calls for a December wedding!”

King Solomon’s face turned grumpy again. He looked focussed. For the first time, he did.

Varun Rajagopalan.