“I’m feeling low.”
“Why man?”
“Don’t know. Obvious reasons I guess!”
“Yeah. I know where yer comin from!”
“Hah hah!”

“What’s good?”
“That you can afford to laugh about it.”
“Well, there’s no other option, man!”
“Of course there is.”
“Which are?”
“There aren’t too many. I said is. Not are.”
“Ok… which is?”
“Well, there’s this secret society that kidnaps people.”
“Are you freaking crazy?”
“Just a thought. A suggestion. It’s up to you. They’re pretty cheap.”

“Man. Yer freakin me out!”
“No! Yer freakin me out!”
“Dude! Wake up!”
“I am awake.”
“No yer not! You’re not willing to wake up. That’s your problem.”
“Come on!”
“No! You come on. Wake up. Stretch and smell some bloody hot coffee.”
“Well, you might as well drink some of it and burn yer friggin tongue.”
“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know man. Maybe binge drinking does that to me.”


Varun Rajagopalan.