Speaketh the Queen

“Greetings your majesty.”
“Greetings honourable sir.”
“How are we doing this pleasant day, your majesty?”
“Very well. Thank you. How about yourself?”
“Your benevolence.”
“Is there something specific you sought royal audience for?”
“Indeed I did.”

“It’s the king, your majesty.”
“What about that lovable lard?”
“Err… Pardon the subject’s audacity, your highness. This is a matter that’s highly personal – to you and the king.”
“Intrigued. Please speak.”

“It’s… It’s his intentions, your majesty.”
“What about them?”
“They’re good. They always are.”
“Sigh…! Why is thy worthy self stating the obvious, dear Sir?”
“Err… while you must know the king much better, I know him for much longer.”
“Yes…? Well, and hence?”
“His words are rather blunt and, well, I must add spiced and diced with some choicest abuses.”
“Hahaha! Something that I find delightfully impish in him!”
“Right! And his way of saying he cares, is rather understated. Very subliminal.”

“But fret not, your majesty! They say, don’t they? Cometh the hour, cometh the man.”
“And this emphasises what, kind sir?”
“That when the good King wills, he will express. I must add, there will be much shock and awe!”
“Amen to that!”

“That’s all your majesty.”
“Thank you, dear sir. That was nice and very generous of you. Is there anything else?”
“Not really, your majesty. Err… well there is one generosity that one would request, your majesty.”
“Anything! Please tell.”
“Well, the royal courtiers are going to the tavern this evening. Would be splendid if the king could join us.”
“This is what this was about?!”
“Have a good night your majesty.”

Varun Rajagopalan