A bag

I’m a bag full of humour, sorrow, pain, joy, poor jokes, love, care, attitude, talent, skill, anger, romance, horniness, humility, pride, self-sufficience, knowledge, dumbness, numbness, grief, happiness, responsibility, one-ness, punctuality, wonder, concern, worry, irresponsibility, lust, hope, hopelessness, selfishness, agility, selflessness, laziness, brightness, fun, darkness, creativity, boredom, cluelessness, correct spellings, wrong spellings, correct terms, wrong terms, correct tense, wrong tense, relevance, stupidity, irrelevance, cockiness, groupism, dynamism, loneliness, intelligence, time wasting, smartness, time saving, distance, closeness, idealistic, hunger, open, locked in tight, sobriety, alcoholism, colour, gloom, doom, boom, abrasiveness, aggression, ruthlessness, humanity and what not.

Varun Rajagopalan.