Story: They will all die. Episode 1.

He was dressed in formals. A white shirt with grey stripes. A steel grey pant, non-pleated. Black shoes that appeared to have been polished the day before and dust and sand made them look almost grey.

He had walked for about half an hour and was sweaty and tired. It was pretty late at night. He opened his door trying not to make too much noise. Walked straight into his bedroom. A woman was asleep on the bed.

He cuddled up next to her and began breathing into her ears. She smiled. Her eyes were closed. Turned her neck sideways.

They made love.

She adjusted her hair. He took a large pillow and brought it on her face. She struggled for a bit and then stopped moving.

He went into the bathroom and stared at himself for a few seconds, then tugged at his face. He cried.

Sobbing, he walked back into the room. She lay still. He caressed her back, then her hair. He walked over to a cupboard. Opened it and reached his hand somewhere inside.

He pulled out a Browning 9x19mm Hi-Power hand-gun. The silvery grey body shone despite it being dark.

He held it to his head and stared into nothingness. He was breathing fast.