I am…
Chaotic when witty.
Unable to be a wallflower at will.
Mentally I crumble;
into a rut I tumble.
Peaceful whereabouts I hunt.
Reconnaissance is just a stunt.

I pull a fast one on myself.
And wonder how and why.
I’m an angel, an imp, an elf.
I smile, I laugh and I cry.

I loaded something.
I cocked it. It went off.
Not on it’s own.
How can it, you moron?

It found its target.
But I didn’t die.
That bullet didn’t have my name on it.
It didn’t. It didn’t.

Maybe that’s why…
I chose to remain nameless.
It’s safer that way.
Logic? You’ll find utter dismay.

(Loosely inspired by a song by the band Nonpoint)

Varun Rajagopalan.