And he died

“Why weren’t you talking to them?”
“I tried, but…”
“Look issues aren’t just black and white. It’s not always I screwed up or you screwed up and all that similar jazz.”
“Right. Most of the times it’s we both screwed up and our egos got in the way so we ended up screwing up further more.”

“Yeah sorry. I kinda drifted from the point. There is NOTHING that you cannot talk out man.”
“Well, genius, wake up! Sometimes there are things that cannot be talked out.”

“It’s your call man. All I would say is that there is NOTHING more important than yourself. And when I say yourself, that includes your relationships too. Something wrong with a relationship means something wrong with you. End of a relationship means end of something inside you. And even if things have to end, you need closure. Your heart needs to be at ease.”

“Yeah. Thanks. I need to go somewhere.”

“Don’t run away man. Face it. You will emerge either happy or sad but lighter. If you don’t, you will only emerge sad. The pain won’t settle.”
“Have you got some kinda issues dude? Keep the advice with yourself. Stop pushing the cue-tip when there is resistance!”

“Take care man. Don’t die!”

“Haah! I won’t. You take care too.”

And he died.

Varun Rajagopalan.