Tossing, turning and trembling…

How I tremble tonight.
How lonely I am.
I’m hurt; so I hurt.
You wouldn’t know how twisted I am.

You are blinded
so blinded by bright light.
And hence you fail to see the darkness,
the darkness that lurks behind.

You won’t be reasoned with.
Your own despair won’t permit you.
So I will let you be.
I will clam up.

And will allow my darkness
to disgust you with its stench.
And you will see the light.
And I won’t be its source.

And I will smile.
And I will cry.
But this will happen.
I will see it happens.

In fact, dear friend,
this will happen.

So I will cry now.
And I will sleep later.

For a lot of tossing, turning and trembling…
awaits me tonight.