Two hours

It’s 4am. It’s raining. She’s outside. Knocking. I won’t open the door. I won’t. Just won’t. I am not ruthless. I am not brutal. I am not a monster. Yet… I won’t.

Let her get drenched. Her hopes will get washed away. Hopefully they will. She won’t come in. No. I won’t let her in.

It’s 4:15am now. Looks like her hope’s dwindling. Yes. I am getting there.

It’s 4:30 now. She’s broken the door and she’s headed straight to where I am. She knows. I will hide now.

It’s 4:45 now. I am hiding behind the 4th cupboard inside the store room. It’s stuffy and dusty in here. I want to cough, but wouldn’t dare to. She might hear me.

It’s 5am now. I can barely keep my eyes open. She on the other hand, is looking for me like she’s possessed.

Gulp… possessed.

It’s 5:15 now. She found me. The cupboard came crashing down and she saw me sticking to the wall with my eyes closed.

It’s 5:30 now. I’m lying down, in a pool of blood. She left me in this mess.

It’s 5:45 now. I’m waiting for 6am. My 2 hour ordeal will end. And I will be wholeheartedly dead.